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Members and Patrons

We, the members and Patrons of KYOVA, invite you to our concerts. They are are held at the New Life Center. It is at the intersection of KY Route 5 and old US Rt. 60. Concerts begin at 7:00 PM and doors open at 6:00 PM. There is no admission charge, however a love offering will be received unless otherwise noted below. For more information call Arnold Sexton at 606-836-5582. Click here for the location of our concerts.

Performing Members
To become a KYOVA Member, call Arnold Sexton at 606-836-5582.

1 Voice, Bloodline, Corey Laney, Cornerstone Quartet, Dave Conley, Dee Maddox, Ed Walters, Eric Ginn, Faith Harmony Boys, Faithful Journey, Frontline Quartet, Grace Harbor, Greg Edens, Harvest Call, Hearts of Faith, Heaven Sent Ministries, Heavenly Reign, His Own*, J. W. "Mac" Mackey and his AMEN QUARTET, Jean Bowman, John Darin Rowsey, John Thornsberry, Kathy Hess, Lisa Jordan, Marla Conrad, Mary Beth Cordle**, New Covenant, New Dimensions, New Joy, New Time Bluegrass Gospel, New Vision Trio*, On A Journey, Radiant Heart, Ronnie Kinser, Sam Sampson, Shelton Bissell, Sincere, Stacie Grimm, Ted & Sue Collins, Terry Daniel, Terry Dorsey, The Barry Forbes Family, The Christian Echos, The Conners, The Couch Family, The Gibbons Family, The Gloryroad Singers, The Gospel Tide*, The Gracemen, The Heavenbound James Gang*, The Murphys, The Servants, The Singing Gospelaires, The Songsmen & Linda, The Southern Gospel Lights, The Trinity Heirs, The Waugh Family, The West Virginia Couriers, Theresa Jeffries, Tim McCoy, Unmerited Favour, Witness

*Host Member ~ **Songwriter


To become a KYOVA Patron
, call Arnold Sexton at 606-836-5582.

Larry Hiles, Virgil Bullion, Cressie Campbell, Carolyn Crank, Frank And Joyce Dalton, Sam & Debbie Hampton, Roger & Mamie Salyers, Tom & Betty Bellomy, Garnet Sexton, Bernice Melvin, Betty Gibson, Fred & Carol Treadway, Bill And Ruth Dixon, Ron May, Joe And Christine Lowe, Ed And Linda Richardson, Vivian Broughton, Gwen Holbrook, Lillian Roach, Lowell & Noel Depriest, Danny & Mary Conley, Jim & Kathy Adams, Bob Conley, Mary White, Richard Mcintyre, Shirley Stevens, Bill & Sandy Mcguire, Fred & Kim Harris, Tim & Christie Bellomy, Jacob & Telissa Bellomy, Ami Bellomy, Isaac Bellomy, Jim & Kay Unrue, Leonard Welch, Thorney & Carolyn Artrip, Marchetta Salyers, Juanita Salyers, Hattie Baldridge, , Marilyn Smith, Doug & Janice Taylor, Laney Bellomy, Ethan Bellomy, Kylee Bellomy, David & Jeannie Waugh, Nancy Campbell, Charlie Sparks, Winston Short, , Terry & Becky Maddox, Mikey Maddox, Earl & Shirley Windell, Candy Gelinas, Earl Price, George & Linda Hampton, Don & Dorothy Lemaster, Dovie Groves, Frank & Jean Crites, Bill Walters, Mary Pinchin, Rose Rigsby, Ernest Bush, Linda Craig, Buddy & Wanda Vance, Bob Daniels, Don & Katie Lucas, Eugene & Phyllis Maynard, Sam & Connie Hampton, Nikita Hampton, Karen Daniels, Larry Stevens, Jeannie Akers, David And Agnes Gullett, Don And Janet Triplett, Bill Felty, Valerie Frasure, Bob & Judy Wells, Leroy & Mary Lou Fox, Reva Rice, Ruth Connelly, Edgar Everman, Carolyn Nelson, Steve & Ann Groves, Emily Meeks, Tom & Pat Lucas, Carlos & Charlotte Queen, Kenny Musser, David & Linda Yonts, Bob & Mary Bryant, Ruth Freeman, Pat Slone, David Lane, Karen Keffer, Rosemary Prater, Gerald Kazee, Clarence & Nellie Payton, Ralph & Ruth Martin, Mary Ann Springer, Junior & Nell Eaves, Cecil & Mary Daniels, Louis & Carol Clark, Robert & Pearl Bentle, Gilbert & Arlene Rucker, Chris Lambert, Teddy Mosier, James & Erma Haskins, Alice Caudill, Jon & Kathy Abney, Malachi Gillum, Buford & Elsie Shepherd, Gary & Nancy Carter, Wilson Collins, Irene Evans, Mary Evans, Mike & Rachel Clay, Doug Salyer, Harley & Libbey Adkins, Ray Marshall, Eddie & Diana Frasure, L. T. & Beth Smith, Jack & Alfreda Tackett, Hazel Stroud, David Rowe, Clyde & Ruth Ratliff, Bob & Diana Perdue, Ron & Betty Pearce, Butch & Betsy Cotton, Pelma Bush

The following is a special “In Memory Of”
section for our patrons and members who are deceased.

Marie Lowe, Betty Garda, Barbara Tackett, Martha Crum, John Cline, Ed Kemper, Eddie Osborne, Bill Rigsby, Nelson and Bobbie Walker, Nancy Lowe Treadway, Bruce Crank, Charles Forrest, Richard Clark, Arnold “Doc” Sexton, Raymond Haskins, Woody Waggoner, Wanda Waggoner, Russell Dalton, Billy Jack Artrip, Lou Miller, Ira C. Griffith, Jean Johnson, Jackie West, Thelma Hobson. Danny Branham, Dorothy Adkins, Paul Baldridge, Robert Mitchell, Don Lewis, Maggie Cline, Charlie Hensley, Ted Collins, Tonya McDavid, Dottie Harris, Willis Cline and Claude Groves, Orville Stroud, Charlie Biggs, Philip Knipp, Erma Lee Nethercutt, Nancy Crank, Mary Stevens, Mary White, Louis Clark, Eugene Maynard, Earl Windell, Bernice Melvin, Ruth Ratliff, Virgil Bullion, Joe Lowe, Tom Bellomy, Ron Conley, Jeannie Akers, Harley Adkins, Clay Lucas, Gerald Kazee, Phil Stevens

To make any corrections, call Arnold Sexton at 606-836-5582.

All dates are subject to change without notice (due to sickness or other circumstances beyond our control) Please call Arnold Sexton at 606-836-5582 to verify a date.

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